July 6, 2022


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Overlook 'Jurassic World: Dominion' — 'Prehistoric Planet' is must-see dinosaur drama

When you’re planning on watching Jurassic World: Dominion this weekend to be able to get your dinosaur repair, I am right here to inform you that there is one other, higher means. That higher means is none aside from Apple TV’s Prehistoric Planet.

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough himself, Prehistoric Planet is a nature documentary in regards to the lives of prehistoric creatures, with every episode exploring how they co-existed in numerous environments. Think about any dinosaur documentary you’d watch at a pure historical past museum, then add Apple’s budgetary energy, and you have a beautiful, engrossing have a look at the creatures who used to roam the earth.

Prehistoric Planet is Planet Earth with dinosaurs

In some ways, Prehistoric Planet is the non secular successor to Planet Earth. It weaves tales out of the lives of its topics, accompanied by gorgeous visuals and the dulcet tones of Attenborough’s voice. Nonetheless, whereas the footage in Planet Earth is actual, the footage in Prehistoric Planet is created from CGI, as our dinosaur buddies died out thousands and thousands of years in the past.

You may should preserve reminding your self of that truth as you watch the present. Prehistoric Planet‘s visible results are so spectacular and life-like that you could be surprise, “Huh, has David Attenborough been hiding stay dinosaurs from us this time?” Critically, each dinosaur we encounter, from Tyrannosaurus Rex to Triceratops, feels prefer it’s proper in entrance of us. It is sufficient to make you apprehensive for the folks behind the cameras!

And it isn’t simply the dinosaurs that look superior. The environments they inhabit — from prehistoric oceans to scorching sizzling deserts — come to vivid life. When you’re trying to be as immersed in dinosaur land as potential (with out taking part in God), that is sensational collection will just do that.

Prehistoric Planet eats Jurassic World: Dominion for breakfast


Do not let Jurassic World: Dominion‘s promise of cool new dinosaurs idiot you — the sixth entry within the Jurassic Park franchise drastically underutilizes its principal draw, focusing as a substitute on its boring human characters. In the meantime, there’s solely room for one human on Prehistoric Planet, and that is Attenborough (who deserves to stay in all of the cool locations).

Attenborough’s legendary narration guides us by means of tales with excessive stakes and interesting characters — characters who do not even should say a phrase for us to get invested. Within the present’s very first episode, which focuses on prehistoric creatures residing on coasts, we see a pregnant Tuarangisaurus struggling to information herself and her calf by means of danger-infested predators. When a predator looms into view, it is genuinely terrifying — each as a result of it is a big creature with scary pointy tooth, and as a result of we wish the mom to make it out alive. Later, when two huge Dreadnoughtus conflict on a desert mating floor, you may end up leaning ahead to catch each blow.

There’s one thing form of humorous about documenting these encounters between two scripted dinosaurs as truth, however that is all part of Prehistoric Planet‘s allure. It is earnest and academic, plus it offers us drama, a stunning quantity of character growth, and kick-ass dinosaurs. That is far, way over we will say about different dinosaur-related leisure being launched now.

Prehistoric Planet is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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