July 6, 2022


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Males are ruining the 'She's a ten' meme

She’s an eight, however she retains cages of pigeons on her Brooklyn rooftop and trains them to gather shiny issues on the road. To me, that makes her a six at greatest — to my pal, that raises her rating of attractiveness to a ten. A hen lady is a full dime to a few of us.

You have possible seen this meme-d out development on-line. Here is the way it works: Somebody ranks an imaginary individual on a scale of attractiveness from one to 10, and tosses in a trait that may both skyrocket their rating (they bring about you espresso in mattress or know lots about poetry and by no means speak about it) or dunks their rating (they by no means change their sheets or know lots about poetry and speak about it always).

The joke began off on TikTok, the place all good memes have gotten their wings over the previous few months, earlier than trending on Twitter the place good memes are despatched to die. On TikTok, the meme swiftly moved from “that is humorous and good” to “that is horrible,” a transition that may unilaterally be blamed on the oldsters who determine to take part. It goes like this: Girls and gender nonconforming of us do it, and it is enjoyable and charming. Males do it, and it’s scary and unappealing. One TikTok consumer, Raja Burrows or @thejollyraja, says it’s because the way in which the meme originated was to “give the man the best rating doable.”

“And in consequence, essentially the most enjoyable solutions are those that unexpectedly enhance the man’s rating,” Burrows stated. “As a result of it is enjoyable when it is like ‘he is a 6 however he has a mustache,’ and one of many ladies says ‘hmm, that is sort of like a 5 for me,’ however the different lady says ‘oh my god that is a straightforward eight or an eight and a half.'”

The unique joke was objectively fairly good! After which cis, straight males got here alongside and began searching for causes to hate ladies. As one consumer, @deannaculen, put it, essentially the most correct reenactment of the boys recreating this meme is straightforward: “She’s a ten however she’s a woman. Zero.”

It is not that males aren’t humorous — that argument could be made however I, personally, would argue that most individuals usually are not humorous no matter gender. The actual drawback right here is that misogyny is just not humorous; it is sterile and clear and, genuinely, a boring and low-cost method to attempt to get laughs and engagement. There’s not sufficient self-depreciation in lots of of those takes. Dudes are taking these prompts as a chance to punch down, whereas ladies and gender nonconforming of us are both punching up, punching laterally, or not likely punching in any respect.

And when the trend made its way to Twitter, it took all of that bizarre, uncomfortable speak to a different degree. Partially, as a result of joke codecs work in another way on completely different platforms. On TikTok, you can begin with “they seem to be a 5,” or “she’s a 9” or “he is a 3.”

However on Twitter, you want the identical first few phrases to get picked up in a trending matter, which occurred to be “She’s a ten” on Monday morning. Meaning each single tweet beneath the development needed to be a girl (she) who could be very engaging (a ten) however who does one thing the poster does not like (has a hello kitty obsession or one thing) that brings her down a number of notches.

Not all of them are horrible, although. I’ve Executed The Work to create a curated listing of the She’s A ten jokes that I do not hate.

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